Extensions of Memory

glimpses into the intimate space of the mind, conveyed by the hand.

January 15 to 30, 2011
at the deCastellane Gallery Annex

Things looped, scratched, printed, painted, taped, drawn, sewn, tied, washed, pinned, erased, touched…

These objects and drawings are grounded in the physical; they are the remains of an ever-thoughtful and self-aware motion of the hand. For each of these artists, the hand becomes an extension of private thoughts and musings, allowing every physical mark or placement of fiber—even every erasure—to make those ineffable thoughts clearer and more manageable. There is a consistent spirit of discovery in all of the work, in which the accumulation of marks allows each artist to reflect, to ask new questions, and to derive clarity by literally building up a surface of answers. Through their fingers, Kolk, Hoffheins, and Yamamoto are constantly seeking the very spirit of the work, the truth of the idea, and the reason for making.


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